UK Firm “Opiniondrive” Launches Election Tools to Assist Nigerian Voters Ahead of February Elections, a data mining and analytics website operated by Opiniondrive Limited, an international IT company registered in the United Kingdom, has launched a set of tools designed to help Nigerian voters make informed choices in the country’s forthcoming elections starting February 16th 2019.

candidates profiles election tools tool uk firm launches election tool
Opiniondrive Limited company logo

Designed to assist businesses and governments with valuable data regarding key sectors of the society, Opiniondrive is an alternative platform to verify traceable data that could shape policies in the corporate and governance sectors. election tool uk firm
Opiniondrive’s data reports

The Opiniondrive election tools offer pollelection report and candidates profiles detailing their Biography, Experience, and manifesto to enable the voter engage and rate candidates ahead of the 2019 elections. The various sections such as Education, Health, Job and Unemployment are broken down in very simple form to allow users easily assess the candidates and rate each of the sections of the manifesto. Candidates who have their profile on the platform can include a “Donate to my Campaign Button” free of Charge to allow for crowd funding of their campaign.

Valuable Data and Analytics election report tools opiniondrive uk firm

Opiniondrive goes beyond the traditional online election pool by enabling the user offer objective answers to salient issues and further allows the user the choice of a particular candidate as well as interest in specific elective positions. In addition, it enables the user provide additional comments which are then put through our Text Analysis Engine to gather sentiments around the opinions expressed.

Poll Integrity and User Re-Engagement

Each opinion expressed is processed through our bespoke validation technology checking for misuse, and invalid opinions expressed. It also weighs each response based on specific criteria to determine the reliability of the opinion expressed. Users on opiniondrive are re-engaged via their emails which help to re-validate statistics in cases where users’ positions on certain issues change over time.

Election and Poll Reports

The opiniondrive’s election report feature offers statistics on the Nigerian elections which are based on demographics, political position across parties as well as a distribution of all elective position across the 36 states of the federation. It further measures candidates against set Key Performance Indicators such as Housing, Health, Defense and Security, etc over a five point scale. election report tools opiniondrive uk firm

Candidates’ Profiles

The platform allows candidates at all levels of the campaign process to create a profile including information about themselves and their political manifestos so that voters can better understand their visions for the elective offices they vie for. For data integrity, information provided by candidates is independently verified by opiniondrive before going live for users to see on the website.

candidates profiles election tools tool uk firm launches election tool
Candidates’ collage

The opinondrive election tools are live at

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