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Wike Takes Firm Stance Against Contract Variations, Threatens Blacklisting

Wike Takes Firm Stance Against Contract Variations, Threatens Blacklisting Wike Announces Impending Establishment of FCT Civil Service Commission illegal oil refining warehouse Uncovered in Abuja wike Wike holds bouquet in Port Harcourt amidst Rivers crisis

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has reaffirmed the FCT Administration’s stance against any form of contract variation.

The resolute move aimed at maintaining project integrity and adherence to agreements was announced yesterday.

During an inspection of ongoing projects in Abuja, Minister Wike issued a stern warning against deviations from agreed-upon contracts, emphasizing that the FCTA will not entertain requests for variations.

Notably, Setraco Construction Company’s appeal for a variation in the contract for the construction of the Southern Parkway faced outright rejection.

Minister Wike underscored the prior agreement between the FCT administration and contractors regarding project funding and completion timelines.

He emphasized that the administration had upheld its end of the bargain by ensuring timely payments and adherence to agreed funding patterns.

Expressing his unwavering stance, Minister Wike stated, “There cannot be any variation on that project, and if they don’t complete it on time, I’m going to blacklist the company.” He reiterated the administration’s commitment to project delivery within schedule and without compromise.

The minister’s firm resolve comes in the wake of Setraco Construction Company’s request to include provisions for streetlights in the Southern Parkway project, citing variation.

However, Minister Wike remained adamant, stressing that the project had been adequately funded without any shortcomings on the part of the FCT Administration.

Minister Wike’s decisive actions signal the administration’s unwavering commitment to project accountability and timely delivery, while also serving as a deterrent against any attempts to deviate from contractual obligations.

The warning issued to contractors underscores the administration’s zero-tolerance policy towards project delays or deviations.

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