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pastor arrested after Assaulting epileptic wife on a plane

pastor arrested after Assaulting epileptic wife on a plane

A dramatic altercation erupted on a recent Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Alaska, leaving one passenger shaken and the perpetrator facing serious consequences. The incident, which occurred on July 2, involved Roger Allan Holmberg, Sr., a pastor who allegedly lost his temper when his wife was upgraded to first class.

According to eyewitnesses and a police complaint, Holmberg’s wife had been upgraded due to her Gold Point membership, which sparked a heated argument between the couple. Witnesses reported that Holmberg asked his wife how she had managed to get the upgrade, to which she replied that she was a Gold Point member and asked him not to speak to her in that tone.

The situation escalated when Holmberg handed his phone to his wife from the aisle and gestured with his middle finger, according to the complaint. Shortly after, he attempted to swing towards his wife and struck the top of her head. Another witness told police that Holmberg then went to the first-class lavatory and returned, only to be confronted by another passenger who threatened to put him in handcuffs if there were any further incidents.

Holmberg’s wife reported that he struck her with the back of his knuckles, despite knowing that she has epilepsy and that contact with her head could trigger a seizure. She also claimed that he had a history of abusing her and had previously broken her finger.

During an interview with authorities, Holmberg claimed that he was upset because he wanted his wife to sit next to him in economy class. He said he tapped his wife on the head to get her attention and claimed that he was not a violent person. However, he acknowledged that his wife had been going through marriage counseling and had anger issues.

The flight crew became aware of the incident and notified law enforcement upon landing. Holmberg was arrested for simple assault and taken into custody. He has since been released but is banned from flying with Alaska Airlines and must stay at least 100 yards away from his wife.

In response to the incident, a spokesperson for Alaska Airlines issued a statement saying that Holmberg has been banned from their flights and a simple assault charge has been filed against him by the FBI.

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