Collateral Damage: Video Documentary Shows the Silent Carnage Caused by Soot in Rivers State

Port Harcourt hunted by mysterious soot

A documentary by Fizzle K Pictures captures vividly the health hazards caused by the presence of soot in Rivers state.

The video documentary has interviews of residents and videos of the presence of soot in the water and in the air across the state. The entire state has been engulfed in soot for more than 2 years now and the health hazards are unfathomable.

In early 2018, WIRED EXCLUSIVE featured an article that highlighted in details how  Port Harcourt Air is contaminated with PM2.5 from Soot, and could lead to premature deaths.

Residents protesting against the presence of soot in the atmosphere in Port Harcourt

Despite the outcry, physical and scientifically backed proofs that show the city is hunted by an impending health doom, the government has remained adamant about the situation. neither the state nor the federal government have taken steps to stop the emission of this dangerous substances into the atmosphere.

The city is covered by a dark evil in the form of some black substances littered all over its atmosphere.

“The “‘Black Soot’ is virtually everywhere in the city.” a helpless resident narrated.

The sky can be seen at during the day to be covered with dark clouds even in sunny days since the deposition of the soot started.

soot man
Resident shows off soot stains on his hands. Image credit: Getty Images

In all  these, the prime question remains, ” When will the government take steps to stop this hazardous pollution of the Rivers state atmosphere?”

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