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Video of Air Canada Flight on Fire mid-Air Raises Concerns

Video of Air Canada Flight on Fire mid-Air Raises Concerns

A video showing an Air Canada flight on fire while ascending has set the social media ablaze with netizens reacting over the incident.

The video was posted by an X user on Friday.

Air Canada has reacted to the concerns about the flight, AC 872, which departed from Toronto en route to Paris on June 5. Officials confirmed that the Boeing 777 aircraft carried 389 passengers and 13 crew members.

The video showed the plane ascending while in flame with sparks near its engine. The plane landed soon after.

Video of Air Canada Flight on Fire mid-Air Raises Concerns
Video Of Air Canada Flight On Fire Mid-Air Raises Concerns 7

“Heart in mouth moment. Wouldn’t blame the passengers for not wanting to fly after that plane returned safely…” one X user wrote in response to the footage.

In a statement published on Friday, Air Canada explained that the fire was caused by an “engine issue that was determined to be a compressor stall.”

“The aircraft landed normally, and it was met by first responder vehicles as a precaution before it taxied to the gate on its own,” the airline’s press release read. “Passengers were accommodated on another aircraft later that same evening.”

Officials also explained what exactly happened with the jet’s engine in the video.

“Video posted to the internet of the incident shows the engine at the point of the compressor stall, which can happen with a turbine engine when its aerodynamics are affected,” Air Canada added.

“This can be caused by various factors, but the result is the flow of air through the engine is disrupted, causing fuel to ignite further down the engine, which is why flames are visible in the video. It is not the engine itself on fire.

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