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Actor Chiwetalu Agu Released from DSS Custody after Push from Actors Guild

Actor Chiwetalu Agu Released from DSS Custody after push from Actors Guild

Ace Nollywood Actor, Chiwetalu Agu, who was earlier arrested by the Nigerian army before being transferred to the DSS facility for nearly one week, for allegedly wearing “Biafran outfit” and inciting members of the public has been released by the DSS.

The actor was first arrested at Upper- Iweka,Onitsha, Anambra state, on Thursday, for wearing an outfit which the Army personnel said reflected the colours of the Biafran flag.

The actor had argued then that he had committed no known offence.

He said he was merely wearing an attire with the rising sun and distributing N10,000 worth of bread he had bought, to feed the poor and hungry.

Agu was later handed over to the DSS by the Army, who then immediately whisked him off to Abuja.

He was released on Tuesday evening after an intervention by Mike Ozekhome’s chambers which had been briefed by the Nigerian Guild of Actors to take up Agu’ s defence pro bono.

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