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Governors should also recieve N62k minimum wage – Father Mbaka 

Governors should also recieve N62k minimum wage - Father Mbaka

Catholic priest, Ejike Mbaka, has urged the federal government to extend the proposed minimum wage of N62,000 to all public servants, including governors and members of the national assembly. Mbaka made this call in an interview with AIT, reacting to the ongoing negotiations between the government and organized labour.

The priest expressed concern that the salaries of national assembly members have been shrouded in secrecy, leading to speculation and debate among Nigerians. He argued that if the government can propose a minimum wage of N62,000 for workers, it should also apply to other public servants who are equally responsible for the country’s development.

Mbaka criticized the practice of allowing public office holders to enjoy lavish allowances while ordinary workers struggle to make ends meet. He noted that teachers, nurses, and doctors are not paid commensurate with their hard work and dedication.

The priest urged the government to address the minimum wage issue speedily to avoid another strike by organized labour. He warned that if the crisis is not handled tactfully, it could lead to unpredictable consequences.

Mbaka’s comments come at a time when the government is negotiating with organized labour to implement a new minimum wage. The labour unions had embarked on an indefinite strike over the issue before “relaxing” it for one week to allow for negotiations.

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