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National Security Adviser declares Nationwide Manhunt for missing Binance Executive

National Security Adviser declares Nationwide Manhunt for missing Binance Executive

The Office of National Security Adviser (ONSA) has issued a statement calling on the Nigerian public and the international community to assist law enforcement agencies in the apprehension of Mr. Nadeem Anjarwalla, the Executive Manager of Binance for the African region, who escaped detention. Mr. Zakari Mijinyawa, the Head of Strategic Communication at ONSA, made this announcement on Monday, revealing that a manhunt has been initiated for Anjarwalla’s arrest.

According to ONSA, the Federal Government of Nigeria has been investigating money laundering and terrorism financing transactions carried out on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange platform. Anjarwalla, who holds British and Kenyan nationalities, served as Binance’s Africa regional manager and was undergoing trial in Nigerian courts. However, he managed to escape while under a 14-day remand order by a Nigerian court and was scheduled to appear before the court again on April 4, 2024.

Confirming Anjarwalla’s escape, Zakari stated, “The Office of the National Security Adviser confirms that Nadeem Anjarwalla, a suspect in the ongoing criminal probe into the activities of Binance in Nigeria, has escaped from lawful custody on Friday, March 22, 2024.” Immediate steps have been taken by ONSA, in collaboration with relevant security agencies, ministries, departments, and agencies (MDAs), as well as the international community, to apprehend the suspect.

Security agencies are coordinating with Interpol to obtain an international arrest warrant for Nadeem Anjarwalla, the Binance official. Preliminary investigations suggest that Anjarwalla fled Nigeria using a smuggled passport. The individuals responsible for his custody have been arrested, and a thorough investigation is underway to uncover the circumstances surrounding his escape from lawful detention.

Reports indicate that Nadeem Anjarwalla, detained by Nigerian authorities on allegations of tax evasion and other charges, escaped from a guest house in Abuja on Friday. He and a colleague were being held at the guest house when security personnel allowed him to visit a nearby mosque for Ramadan prayers. Anjarwalla, along with Tigran Gambaryan, another Binance executive, was detained upon their arrival in Nigeria on February 26, 2024, leading to legal actions against them and the cryptocurrency exchange.

The escape of Nadeem Anjarwalla has raised concerns regarding the integrity of detention facilities and the need for enhanced security measures to prevent such incidents in the future. Authorities are urging the public to remain vigilant and report any information that may aid in the apprehension of the fugitive.

The Office of the National Security Adviser has reiterated its commitment to combating financial crimes and ensuring the prosecution of individuals involved in illegal activities. Efforts are underway to bring Nadeem Anjarwalla to justice and hold accountable those responsible for facilitating his escape.

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