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FIRS Introduces Self-Registration Module to Enhance Taxpayer Experience

FIRS Introduces Self-Registration Module to Enhance Taxpayer Experience

the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) has rolled out a self-registration module on the Tax-Pro Max platform to streamline tax processes and enhance ease of doing business.

This initiative, aimed at fostering a customer-centric approach, allows newly registered business entities to complete their FIRS registration independently.

According to a public notice signed by FIRS Executive Chairman, Zacch Adedeji,  the self-registration feature enables taxpayers to complete all necessary registration procedures from the convenience of their offices or homes. This innovation is poised to save time and resources for taxpayers.

Under the new system, every newly registered corporate or business entity, already assigned a Tax Identification Number (TIN) during registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), can seamlessly finalize their registration with the FIRS on the Tax-Pro Max platform.

Furthermore, the migration from the e-TIP platform to Tax-Pro Max for transfer pricing returns and Country-by-Country Reporting (CbCR) filing has been previously announced.

Businesses have been granted until 30 July 2024 to settle any outstanding filing returns, with penalties waived for those who comply before the deadline.

These reforms are part of FIRS’s broader strategy to improve the ease of doing business, boost revenue generation, and expand its taxpayer base.

The service has set an ambitious three-year target to increase Nigeria’s tax-to-GDP ratio from approximately 10% to 18%.

The introduction of the self-registration module underscores FIRS’s commitment to fostering an efficient and transparent tax system that benefits both citizens and the government.

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