Police officer loses both hands while throwing teargas canisters at protesters

Police officer loses both hands while throwing teargas canisters at protesters

A dramatic turn of events unfolded during a protest against the Finance Bill in Nairobi’s Central Business District on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, when a police officer’s attempt to disperse the crowd went awry. Chief Inspector David Maina detonated a teargas canister, but instead of releasing it to disperse the protesters, it exploded in his hands, causing severe injuries.

According to eyewitnesses and medical reports, the officer sustained severe hand injuries, resulting in the loss of both forearms. His female colleague nearby also suffered serious chest injuries and was rushed to Nairobi West Hospital for immediate surgery.

The police officer’s injuries were so severe that medical officials have indicated he may require artificial arms to regain mobility and function. The incident has raised concerns about the safety and effectiveness of the teargas canisters used by anti-riot police.

An investigation into the incident has revealed that the teargas canister involved was a special model with a pin that needs to be released before lobbing it. The delay in releasing the canister led to the explosion, causing the officer’s injuries.

The protest, which was mobilized online, turned violent as police clashed with demonstrators. Some police officers as well as protesters were injured, with several people hit by teargas canisters thrown by anti-riot police officers. The clashes caused disruptions to businesses in the city center.

The authorities eventually released dozens of arrested protesters following orders from senior officials. Human rights organizations have criticized the arrests and called for the immediate release of detainees. The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has also issued a warning to Nairobi Region Police Commander Adamson Bungei for allegedly interfering with protests against the Finance Bill 2024 within Nairobi.

The incident highlights the need for caution and proper handling of teargas canisters during public protests to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

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