Council Chairman beaten Over Unpaid Debt

Danlamin Abdullahi Saku

Danlamin Abdullahi Saku, Chairman of Katcha Local Government Area, was brutally beaten by a group of youths over an outstanding debt of N1.3 million.

According to The Nation, Saku had borrowed the money over a year ago from an elderly villager, but failed to repay the loan despite repeated requests.

During the Sallah celebration, the elderly man sent his children to demand payment from the Chairman. However, Saku allegedly slapped one of the boys, prompting the youths to retaliate and beat him unconscious.

The Chairman was rushed to the hospital, where he is receiving treatment. Sources close to the matter revealed that Saku has made efforts to settle part of the debt, with a balance of N10,000 still outstanding.

Efforts to reach the Chairman for comment have been unsuccessful, as his phone calls and text messages remain unanswered, the source disclosed.

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