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Another Dangote’s Mistress Calls him out, Uploads Raunchy Video of Him

Another Dangote's Mistress Calls him, Uploads Raunchy Video of Him

Another American woman has posted a video of Aliko Dangote exposing parts of buttocks, marking a second bout of awkward outing for Africa’s richest man in just 24 hours. 

Using a handle, Allarounda1 on Instagram, the woman posted a video of herself and Mr. Dangote, draped in an orange towel with parts of his buttocks exposed, on a couch inside what appeared to be a luxury yacht.

Dangote mistress courtney nude pictures raunchy

The woman, whose first name appeared to be Courtney, also tagged Bea Lewis (@Iambealewis), who had earlier made public her relationship with Mr. Dangote and accused him of breaking her heart.

Dangote mistress Courtney nude pictures raunchy
Photo Of Aliko Dangote Exposing His Buttocks

Courtney appears to run a beauty business in Miami called House of Beauty.

Courtney also posted pictures of Mr. Dangote alighting from a luxury plane in a private hanger, describing herself repeatedly as a ‘ForbesListSugarBabe’ in apparent reference to her lover’s status amongst an elite list of world’s billionaires.

Dangote mistress courtney nude pictures raunchy
Another Dangote's Mistress Calls Him Out, Uploads Raunchy Video Of Him 9

The raunchy video, posted around 10:00 p.m., was later deleted by the woman, claiming she had been flooded with requests from bloggers to comment further on her affairs with Mr. Dangote. She also rejected claims that she took her affairs with Mr. Dangote to social media to chase undue fame.

In follow up updates, she said she was trying to clean Mr. Dangote’s name from the mess earlier created by Bea Lewis, who described herself as a restaurant operator in the United States.

Bea Lewis Instagram Followers Grows by

The Instagram followers of supposed ex mistress of Aliko Dangote, Bea Lewis, has grown exponentially after she called out the Africa’s richest man on her account.

Lewis’ Instagram account (@iambealewis), which initially had about 3000 followers before calling out Dangote, has suddenly grown to about 27,000 followers.

Unlike, Courtney, Lewis has not deleted her post about her relationship with Dangote, which has no attracted over 6000 comments.

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