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Woman Accuses Lagos Doctor Of Removing Her Womb Without Consent

Woman Accuses Doctor Of Removing her Womb Without consent
Woman Accuses Doctor Of Removing her Womb Without consent

A Lagos-based doctor, Ayelaje Joseph, and Managing Director of Holyfill Hospital, has been accused of allegedly removing a woman’s womb without her consent.

The victim, Mrs. Okeafor Suzan, claims she visited the hospital for fibroid removal but discovered later that her womb was removed without her knowledge or permission.

According to Mrs. Suzan, she consulted Dr. Joseph on February 16, 2024, about a fibroid she had managed for several years. She alleged that Dr. Joseph suggested removing her womb, which she refused, opting instead for fibroid removal. However, after the surgery on March 29, 2024, she was informed that her womb had been removed.

Mrs. Suzan claims she did not sign any consent form or receive pre-counseling or post-counseling, and is demanding answers from the hospital. Dr. Ayelaje Joseph has denied the allegations, stating that Mrs. Suzan gave consent for her womb to be removed, having had two children.

The incident has sparked outrage, with many calling for an investigation into the matter. The Lagos State Health Commission has been petitioned to take action against the hospital and the doctor.

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