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Nigerian Navy Apprehends Ghanaian Vessel with 2 Million Litres of Stolen Crude Oil

Nigerian Navy Apprehends Ghanaian Vessel with 2 Million Litres of Stolen Crude Oil

The Nigerian Navy has intercepted a Ghanaian vessel, the Motor Tanker SWEET MIRI, on suspicion of crude oil theft. The vessel, with a crew of 13 members comprising one Ghanaian and 12 Nigerians, was apprehended off the coast of Nigeria, near Benin Republic.

Rear Admiral Adedotun Ayo-Vaughan, the Director of Information for the Nigerian Navy, disclosed the details of the operation in a statement issued in Abuja. According to Ayo-Vaughan, the operation took place on February 25, approximately 320 kilometers off Nigeria’s coast.

The Ghanaian-owned and registered vessel raised suspicions when it was observed to have switched off its Automatic Identification System (AIS) in an apparent attempt to evade detection. This action violated international maritime regulations, prompting the Nigerian Navy to designate the vessel as a “Vessel of Interest.”

Utilizing the navy’s Maritime Domain Awareness infrastructure, two Nigerian Navy ships, the ABA and SOKOTO, were dispatched to intercept the suspicious vessel. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the MT SWEET MIRI was engaged in illegal activities, particularly the unauthorized transportation of approximately two million liters of crude oil.

The swift response of the Nigerian Navy underscores its commitment to combating maritime crimes and securing Nigeria’s territorial waters. Rear Admiral Ayo-Vaughan emphasized that the apprehension of the MT SWEET MIRI was a testament to the navy’s vigilance and determination to uphold maritime security.

In accordance with the directive of Chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ogalla, the Nigerian Navy has initiated a comprehensive investigation into the incident. This investigation aims to determine the culpability of the vessel and its crew members, as well as to identify any accomplices involved in the illicit activities.

The Nigerian Navy has notified relevant approving and prosecuting agencies to collect samples from the seized vessel for further analysis. This step is crucial in gathering evidence and building a case against the perpetrators of maritime crimes.

Rear Admiral Ayo-Vaughan reiterated the navy’s commitment to collaborating with maritime, security, and law enforcement agencies to combat economic sabotage and ensure compliance with maritime laws. Operation Delta Sanity, he emphasized, will continue to monitor, evaluate, and interdict suspected infractions to uphold Nigeria’s maritime security and protect its national interests.

The interception of the MT SWEET MIRI highlights the ongoing efforts of the Nigerian Navy to safeguard the nation’s maritime domain and deter criminal activities such as crude oil theft. As the investigation progresses, the navy remains vigilant in its pursuit of justice and accountability for maritime offenders.

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Nigerian Navy Apprehends Ghanaian Vessel With 2 Million Litres Of Stolen Crude Oil 7

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