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Ogun State Government Seals Three Churches  for Noise Pollution Violations

Ogun State Government bans churches for noise pollution
Ogun State Government bans churches for noise pollution

In a bid to uphold environmental regulations, the Ogun State Government has taken decisive action against three religious centres for breaching laws on noise pollution.

The affected centres include the Christ Apostolic Church, Fountain of Faith District Headquarters in Gbogunmi, Itedo Alafia Community, Bode Olude; Ambassador of Truth Assembly International on Olorunseye Avenue, Ijeun Titun; and Salvation Ministries on Kuforiji Olubi Drive in Adigbe GRA, all situated in Abeokuta.

Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Environmental Compliance and Enforcement, Farook Akintunde, revealed that the decision to seal these establishments came after repeated warnings and failed attempts at dialogue.

Despite numerous engagements urging compliance, the churches persisted in emitting disruptive levels of noise, disturbing the peace of their surrounding communities.

The Christ Apostolic Church in Gbogunmi was singled out for its persistent disruption of the community’s tranquility, particularly through loud vigils conducted with external loudspeakers, which reportedly affected the health of nearby residents. Despite petitions and pleas, the church leadership remained unyielding, prompting government intervention.

Similarly, the Ambassador of Truth Assembly faced censure for blaring loudspeakers at irregular hours, exacerbating noise pollution in the area. Meanwhile, Salvation Ministries incurred the government’s ire for their congregants’ confrontational behavior towards officials during the sealing process.

Akintunde emphasized the importance of respecting environmental regulations and warned other religious centres against similar infractions. The Ogun State Government’s stance underscores its commitment to safeguarding the well-being of residents and maintaining peace and order within communities.

“Any institution found culpable of noise pollution will face swift and decisive action, reinforcing the state’s zero-tolerance policy towards such violations”, he said.

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