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Chioma Akpotha Appointed USAID Goodwill Ambassador for Nutrition in Nigeria

Chioma Akpotha Appointed USAID Goodwill Ambassador for Nutrition in Nigeria

Nigerian actress Chioma Akpotha has been appointed as the goodwill ambassador for nutrition in Nigeria by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). This organization aims to eradicate extreme global poverty and foster resilient, democratic societies.

USAID Mission Director Melissa Jones praised Akpotha’s dedication to advocacy and activism during the announcement ceremony. She expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Akpotha, highlighting it as a significant step in their collaboration with the Nigerian populace.

USAID Mission Director Melissa Jones highlighted Akpotha’s dedication to maternal health and child welfare, emphasizing her embodiment of advocacy and activism.

“Her use of her platform to amplify the needs of the voiceless and drive positive change is commendable. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to work closely with the people of Nigeria.”

Akpotha, USAID’s first goodwill ambassador for nutrition, pledged to utilize her platform to promote awareness and foster positive change. She expressed her honor at being appointed and emphasized her dedication to the cause.

“I am deeply honored to be USAID’s inaugural Goodwill Ambassador for Nutrition in Nigeria,” Akpotha said. “Maternal and child health is a cause I hold dear, and I am committed to leveraging my platform to raise awareness and inspire positive change. Together with USAID, we can create a lasting impact on Nigerian families.”

Akpotha also shared her experience on Instagram, where she reflected on the strength and resilience of Nigerian mothers observed during a USAID-sponsored nutrition outreach event. She emphasized the importance of unity, accountability, and dedication among these women in promoting community well-being.

“It was an honor to share knowledge on nourishing children without straining resources,” Akpotha wrote. “The smiles and laughter of the children and mothers at the outreach event filled me with hope and reminded me of the power we have when we come together.”

This appointment marks a significant step in Akpotha’s career, highlighting her commitment to social causes and her ability to inspire change through her platform.

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