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Peter Obi Reaffirms Commitment to Labour Party Amid Obidient Movement Controversy

I'm not leaving labour party, Peter Obi reveals
Combined picture of Peter Obi and Labour Party logo

Peter Obi, the former presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the 2023 general election, has firmly stated that he has no plans to leave the party.

In a statement on Wednesday, Obi addressed remarks about the Obidient Movement’s directorate, which was established by the party’s national chairman, Julius Abure.

In a series of posts on his X handle on Thursday, Obi reiterated his loyalty to the Labour Party. “For the avoidance of doubt, I remain a committed, loyal Labour Party member. That is my definitive response to all Nigerians who may be in doubt about my party affiliation in the light of recent reports and conflicting interpretations of recent political expressions,” he stated.

Obi, the former governor of Anambra State, addressed speculations arising from his recent comments about the Obidient Movement. He explained that his remarks were intended to address concerns from his supporters, many of whom are not affiliated with any political party but are invested in the vision of a new Nigeria.

“I have just been confronted by a journalist at Abuja airport wanting to know if my statement on the Obidient Movement yesterday is a signal of my leaving the Labour Party. For the attention of all those holding such an impression and for the general public, I remain a faithful, committed, and loyal member of the Labour Party,” Obi said.

He emphasized his dedication to working with other party leaders to reconcile members and collaborate with like-minded individuals and parties nationwide. Obi’s goal is to build a stronger Labour Party that will drive the rebuilding of Nigeria.

“My statement yesterday was intended to clarify some issues that are of concern to our teeming supporters, some of whom are not members of any political party but are desirous of a new Nigeria. Our goal and aspirations remain that a new Nigeria is possible,” he added.

The controversy stemmed from Obi’s statement on Wednesday night, where he asserted that the Obidient Movement extends beyond any political party in the country. He dismissed claims of a “non-existent directorate” within the movement, stating that anyone claiming leadership of such a directorate is not a member of the Obidient Movement.

He described the Obidient Movement as a broad and inclusive collective that transcends traditional political, religious, and ethnic affiliations. “There may be a youth mobilisation directorate in political parties, but the Obidient Movement is far beyond a particular political party. The Obidient Movement is a diverse and inclusive collective that transcends traditional political, religious, and ethnic affiliations,” he said.

He further explained that the movement’s membership spans across Africa and the globe, comprising individuals from various backgrounds, all united by a shared vision for a new and better Nigeria. Guided by principles of adaptive and transformative change, progress, discipline, and democratic values, the Obidient Movement advocates for fairness, equity, inclusivity, and justice.

Obi’s remarks have sparked significant debate on social media, prompting him to reaffirm his steadfast loyalty to the Labour Party.

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