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Senator Ned Nwoko Discloses Receipt of Over N1 Billion for Constituency Projects in 2024 Budget

Senator Ned Nwoko Discloses Receipt of Over N1 Billion for Constituency Projects in 2024 Budget

Senator Ned Nwoko, representing Delta North Senatorial District, has revealed that he received more than N1 billion in funding for constituency projects as allocated in the 2024 budget. His disclosure adds to the ongoing debate surrounding resource allocation to legislators and the utilization of funds for community development initiatives.

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Senator Ned Nwoko Discloses Receipt Of Over N1 Billion For Constituency Projects In 2024 Budget 7

Nwoko’s statement echoes similar claims made by Senator Ali Ndume, shedding light on the discretionary nature of resource allocation to lawmakers, which often hinges on the perceived significance of their proposed projects. According to Nwoko, lobbying and leveraging personal connections play a crucial role in securing substantial funding for constituency development initiatives.

“Senators get what they lobby for, not because they have the right to it,” Nwoko emphasized, highlighting the disparity in resource allocation among legislators. He advocated for a more equitable distribution of funds, suggesting a standardized approach where each senatorial district receives a uniform allocation, regardless of individual influence or stature.

The senator emphasized that the allocated funds are earmarked specifically for financing community-oriented projects within their respective senatorial districts, ranging from infrastructure development such as roads and water supply to educational and skills training programs. Nwoko stressed that the ultimate goal is to address the pressing needs of constituents and foster socio-economic progress within their communities.

Responding to inquiries regarding the magnitude of his allocation, Nwoko affirmed receiving in excess of N1 billion, attributing his success to his commitment to serving his constituents. He clarified that these funds are allocated for the implementation of tangible projects that directly benefit the people, rather than for personal enrichment.

Nwoko’s revelation comes against the backdrop of heightened scrutiny and controversy surrounding the 2024 budget, with allegations of budget padding and misappropriation of funds. Senator Abdul Ningi recently raised concerns about the inclusion of an additional N3.7 trillion in the budget, purportedly not tied to any specific projects.

While the Red Chamber has refuted allegations of wrongdoing, Nwoko’s disclosure adds a layer of transparency to the debate, emphasizing the distinction between funds allocated for constituency projects and personal reimbursements for individual senators. He reiterated that the primary objective of the allocated funds is to facilitate community development initiatives and address critical socio-economic challenges facing constituents.

In light of recent developments, Nwoko’s statement underscores the need for accountability and responsible stewardship of public resources. He called for greater transparency in the utilization of allocated funds and emphasized the importance of ensuring that resources are effectively utilized to drive meaningful development at the grassroots level.

As the debate over budget allocation and utilization continues, Nwoko’s candid disclosure serves as a reminder of the imperative to prioritize the welfare and development of communities through prudent and transparent management of public funds. It also highlights the pivotal role of legislators in advocating for and implementing initiatives that directly impact the lives of their constituents.

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