Bill Gates may have created coronavirus to microchip people – Roger Stone

Popular Amercian Political lobbyist and President Trump’s Confidante , Roger Stone said Monday that Bill Gates may be involved in the creation of coronavirus so that he could plant microchips in people’s heads.

Stone said this while on a radio program “the answer” on 970 AM anchored by Joe Piscopo.

“Whether Bill Gates played some role in the creation and spread of this virus is open for vigorous debate. I have conservative friends who say it’s ridiculous and others say absolutely,” Stone replied to Piscopo’s question about conspiracy theories regarding the pandemic during the radio talk.

“He and other globalists are using it for mandatory vaccinations and microchipping people so we know if they’ve been tested. Over my dead body. Mandatory vaccinations? No way, Jose!” Stone told a fawning Piscopo, who referred to President Trump’s longtime adviser as “a legend.”

Shortly after the disease started taking lives, video and audio spread on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp with claims that the introduction of 5G networks across the globe is the cause of the disease.

These unfounded claims suggested that the most powerful people in the world are behind a cover-up to spread the virus across the world.

It is claimed that 5G towers emit radiations which attacks the immune system, causing them to weaken, making it easier for people to contract Covid-19.

stone REPORT AFRIQUE International
Roger Stone

China reported its first case of coronavirus in 2019, which actually began in a wet market in Wuhan – the same year 5G networks became more prominent around the world.This is thought to have been the reason conspiracy theorists decided there was a link between the two.

Stone’s Conviction

Roger Stone was convicted and sentenced in February to 40 months for lying to Congress and threatening a witness while working on Trump’s 2016 campaign.

He was found guilty for his attempts to sabotage a congressional investigation that posed a political threat to the president.

roger stone REPORT AFRIQUE International
Bill Gates may have created coronavirus to microchip people - Roger Stone 9

In handing down the sentence, Judge Amy Berman Jackson of the US district court for the District of Columbia lambasted Stone, 67, calling his attempts to thwart a congressional inquiry of “great national significance” a “threat to our most fundamental institutions, to the very foundation of our democracy”.

Stone had a lighter sentence to 40 months in prison, far less than the punishment prosecutors originally sought. Stone was convicted in November on seven felony charges, including lying to Congress, tampering with a witness and obstructing the House investigation into whether the Trump campaign conspired with Russia in the 2016 presidential election. Stone had denied wrongdoing.

Fears for Africa

Speaking exclusively to BBC Breakfast show, Bill Gates recently said we are “in uncharted territory” due to a lack of investment and preparation for such a pandemic. Gates berated the way world leaders handled the pandemic citing that very few countries could get an “A” if rated based on their response to the pandemic.

Bill Gates has long been an outspoken advocate for preparing for a global health crisis like coronavirus.

Bill Gates Wife, Melinda also warned that if the world does not act fast enough, then there will be dead bodies all over the streets of Africa. 

melinda REPORT AFRIQUE International
Melinda gates

Mrs Gates raised this concerns while speaking to CNN, on  the novel coronavirus and its effects in the third world countries.

She said her heart is in Africa, stating that she is worried that the continent might not be able to handle the devastating effect of virus.

“Its going to be horrible in the developing world.

“Part of  the reasons you are seeing the case numbers still do not look very bad, is because they don’t have access to many tests.

“Look at what is happening in Ecuador, they are putting bodies out on the streets, you are going to see that in countries in Africa,” Mrs Gates noted.

Melinda Gates who is also co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation fears things will get worst for Africa once cases peak because of poor health care systems and lack of humanitarian supports.

5G Conspiracy Theory

Popular Nigerian televangelist, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the Senior Pastor of the Christ Embassy church, alleged that the Nigerian government’s lockdown on major states due to Covid-19 outbreak was aimed at secretly installing the controversial 5G network.

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The clergyman said this while preaching in his church on Sunday April 5. He opined that what has killed so many people in Wuhan, China is not Coronavirus as has been reported but rather it is the 5G network installed there. He challeneged anyone with a different opinion to come forward.

Oyakhilome later retracted his views after many pastors rejected his claims.

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