Africa Film Academy, organisers of the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) introduces another landmark, AFRICA’S BEST.

In its quest to celebrate talent and creativity while ensuring the active participation of viewers, Africa Film Academy has launched AFRICA’S BEST, a digitally-driven revolutionary film selection process for the celebration of African Cinema.

Here, viewers are expected to nominate exceptional films made by Africans over the last 10 years.

An initial shortlist will be curated based on social media votes such as number of likes on Instagram or retweets on Twitter, after which a poll will be launched on AMAA’s website  where the general public will vote the eventual winners.

This initiative further underscores AFA’s respect for film lovers to share their best loved films which due  to the lack of structured distribution within the continent and the African diaspora difficult to watch the films , it’s  the Academy’s conscious efforts to drive conversations around African Cinema in Africa, by Africans.

Just nominate a film, and tag @amaawards on twitter and amaawards_ on Instagram, then solicit votes by getting all the support you can from your fans, followers and friends and get ready to win amazing freebies including a ticket to witness #AMAA2018 in Rwanda.

Film lovers and enthusiasts, are we ready to support and celebrate our own?

#AMAA2018 #AfricasBest



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