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P Diddy Accused By Ex Staff of Soliciting Sex with Men, Including Meek Mill, other celebrities for Grammy Nominations

P Diddy Accused By Ex Staff of Soliciting Sex with Men, Including Meek Mill, other celebrities for Grammy awards

Rodney Jones, also known as Lil Rod, a former staff of popular US rapper, Sean “Diddy” Combs has accused the singer of engaging in gay sex and soliciting sex from celebrities for a chance to win a spot on the Grammy Awards nominations.

Details of these accusations were contained in a 70-page lawsuit filed on Monday at the Federal District Court in Manhattan against Diddy. Also contained in the suit were allegations of drug dealings, hiring sex workers and participation in sexual activities in a manner that were demands for the condition of working on Lil Rod’s album.

P Diddy Accused By Ex Staff of Soliciting Sex with Men, Including Meek Mill, other celebrities for Grammy awards

Lil Rod said he produced nine of the tracks in Diddy’s latest album “The Love Album: Off the Grid,” and was poorly paid the sum of $21,000 despite living in Diddy’s house for the 13 months it took to work on the album.

Lil Rod accused the rapper of often groping his “anus and crotch without consent,” and even exploited his admiration of Stevie J, whom he idolised and looked up to, to force him into engaging in homosexual acts.

Lil Rode claimed Diddy had shown him a video of Stevie J having gay sex with a Caucasian male without condom, and was told by Diddy that “this is a normal practice in the music industry, look even Stevie J is doing it.”  He attached a screenshot taken of the video to the lawsuit.

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According to the producer’s account, he was forced to watch Diddy taking showers through his glass door bathroom, and was given drinks that had been heavily laced with cocaine and other hard drugs to make him lose his willpower not to have gay sex.  

The producer, describing himself as a “heterosexual Christian man” said he was “uncomfortable with Mr Combs’ advances” and complained to his Chief of Staff, Kristina Khorram (“KK”), who flippantly dismissed him saying “you know, Sean will be Sean.”

Ms Khorram downplayed the constant groping of his anus as Diddy’s way of “showing that he likes you.”

To sweeten his advances, Lil Rod said Diddy promised to make him a Grammy winner in the producer of the year category provided he “engaged in homosexuality.”

“Mr Combs promised to make sure that Mr Jones wins producer of the year at the Grammys if he engaged in homosexuality,” the lawsuit said.

Diddy, according to Lil Rod, also disclosed that he had had sex with a male rapper whose description fit Meek Mills’.

“Mr Combs informed Mr Jones that he had engaged in sexual intercourse with rapper5 (Redacted), R&B singer6 (Redacted), and Stevie J.”

The lawsuit described rapper 5 whose name was redacted, as Philadelphia bred and a former boyfriend to rapper Nicki Minaj.

Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj
P Diddy Accused By Ex Staff Of Soliciting Sex With Men, Including Meek Mill, Other Celebrities For Grammy Nominations 10

Meek Mill hails from Philadelphia and dated Nicki between 2014 and 2016. His rap album “Championships” received a Grammy nomination in 2020 and a second nomination with his “Back of My Mind” album in 2022. He won none.

Diddy Co Produced Burna Boy’s Grammy Winning Album “Twice As Tall”

P Diddy Accused By Ex Staff of Soliciting Sex with Men, Including Meek Mill, other celebrities for Grammy awards
Diddy And Burna Boy

In 2020, Nigeria’s award winning Afrobeats artiste Burna Boy announced collaborations with Diddy for his album project.

Diddy was among the executive producers for Burna Boy’s ‘Twice As Tall’ album which eventually won him his first Grammy award in 2021.

The Afrobeats artiste was also tapped to perform at the Grammy awards premiere ceremony in 2021.

“I Executive Produced his Grammy Award winning album Twice As Tall,” Diddy wrote on X in September 2023 praising Burna Boy for featuring in ‘Interlude,’ one of the tracks on his latest album.

“I’ve been blessed to work with incredible talent on this album. Me and my brother @BurnaBoy, we developed a brotherhood during quarantine,” Diddy added in his X post.

Diddy was also exposed to sexual assault and rape allegations last year when his former record label signee and ex-girlfriend, Cassandra Ventura, who sued him for $30 million. Diddy’s team of lawyers said their client denied the allegations and swiftly swung into action “amicably” settling the suit within 24 hours.

Lil Rod is similarly demanding $30 million as compensation for his work on the album as well as the abuse he claimed to have endured in Diddy’s home.

But Diddy’s lawyer Shawn Holley, labelled Lil Rod “a liar” that was “shamelessly looking for an undeserved payday,” Rolling Stone cited him as saying.

“His reckless name-dropping about events that are pure fiction and simply did not happen is nothing more than a transparent attempt to garner headlines,” Mr Holley told Rolling Stone. 

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