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Breaking: Musician Portable Arrested by Lagos Police Over Unpaid G-Wagon Debt

Police arrest singer, Portable over unpaid debt
File photo of Portable, popular Nigerian singer

The Lagos State Police Command has taken popular musician Habeeb Okikiola, widely known as Portable, into custody.

The arrest stems from Portable’s alleged failure to settle a debt incurred during the purchase of a G-Wagon from a local car dealer.

According to reports, Portable purchased the luxury vehicle valued at N27 million but only paid N13 million upfront, leaving a substantial balance of N14 million unpaid. Despite repeated requests from the car dealer to clear the outstanding amount, Portable purportedly cited issues with the vehicle’s quality as grounds for non-payment.

Following fruitless attempts to resolve the matter amicably, the car dealer escalated the issue to law enforcement authorities. Subsequently, officers were dispatched to investigate the case, leading to Portable’s apprehension.

In response to inquiries, Benjamin Hundeyin, the spokesperson for the Lagos State Police, confirmed Portable’s arrest, affirming the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Hundeyin reiterated that Portable’s purchase of the G-Wagon, partial payment, and subsequent refusal to settle the remainder were key factors in his apprehension.

The arrest of the popular musician has generated significant attention within Lagos and beyond, highlighting the importance of contractual obligations and legal recourse in commercial transactions.

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