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if you had a bad experience at our hospital, send us a message – commissioner

Send a complaint of bad hospital experiences - commissioner

The Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi, has announced ongoing efforts to enhance the professionalism, empathy, and etiquette of healthcare workers within the state’s medical facilities. This initiative comes in response to numerous complaints about the attitude of healthcare professionals towards patients in Lagos health institutions.

Prof. Abayomi emphasized that training healthcare professionals in these critical areas is an ongoing process. The state has allocated significant funds, resources, and initiatives to ensure that patients have positive interactions with healthcare workers. He highlighted the importance of continuous training and the establishment of feedback mechanisms to address any negative experiences patients might have.

“Feedback systems have been implemented across our general hospitals where patients can leave messages about their experiences. Additionally, a civil society desk within the ministry regularly reports on the conduct of our healthcare professionals,” Prof. Abayomi stated.

Addressing the issue of brain drain and its impact on medical professionals, the commissioner acknowledged that the increased workload was contributing to burnout among healthcare workers. He detailed that the state is introducing programs to identify and manage burnout, focusing on mental and psychological well-being.

“We must be mindful that our medical professionals might be suffering from burnout. Therefore, we are developing programs to recognize and address these mental health challenges to improve their working conditions,” he explained. He also stressed that improving customer service training and fostering a positive attitude and empathy among healthcare workers would lead to higher patient satisfaction, better treatment compliance, and improved clinical outcomes.

Furthermore, Prof. Abayomi announced the introduction of a merit-based process for appointing chief executives and medical directors in health facilities. This rigorous selection process ensures that only highly qualified individuals manage hospitals, thereby enhancing the standard of care provided.

In summary, the Lagos State government is actively working to improve the professional conduct and empathy of its healthcare workers, while also addressing the challenges posed by brain drain and burnout. These measures are aimed at fostering a more positive and effective healthcare environment for both patients and professionals.

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