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#JusticeForSleek : How Police Murdered 20 Year-Old Musician, Daniel “Sleek” Ikeaguchi, in Rivers State

Musician Killed by Police in Port Harcourt to be Buried December 21 Late chibuike Sleek daniel ikeaguchi onyeukwu murdered by police in rivers state elelenwo woji with reuben paul
#JusticeForSleek: How Police Allegedly Murdered 20-Year-Old Boy in Rivers State - Justice for sleek

A 20-year-old musician, Sleek Daniel Ikeaguchi, was allegedly shot and killed by a trigger-happy policeman after being chased by officers of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) on the 19th of September while visiting his friend in the Elelenwo area of Port Harcourt, family sources and an eyewitness have said.

sleek3 REPORT AFRIQUE International #JusticeForSleek : How Police Murdered 20 Year-Old Musician, Daniel "Sleek" Ikeaguchi, in Rivers State
Late Chibuike (Left)

Late Daniel Ikeaguchi, who was popularly known as “Sleek“, a name he adopted for his music career, was said to have been shot at close range by the killer policeman before being driven in an autorigshaw (keke Napep) for hours without treatment and later on left to die from his gunshot wounds at the Elelenwo Police station.

Sister to the deceased, Miss Maureen Ikeaguchi, who spoke to Report Afrique, amidst tears, at their residence at 103 Woji Road, in the Woji area of Port Harcourt narrated how her brother was paraded in an auto rigshaw through the streets of Elelenwo down to the Woji area of Port Harcourt without treatment for hours before being left to die from his wounds at the Elelenwo Police station.

The deceased had visited his friend, Mr Reuben Paul, 22, who recently relocated from Woji to Elimiligwe estate in Elelenwo before he was chased and shot dead.

Speaking to our correspondent on phone, Reuben narrated how he had been a victim of SARS the previous week for having a tattoo on his body. He alleged that the infamous anti-robbery squad extorted the sum of N20,000 from him for having a tattoo.

“on seeing them (SARS) on our street, I ran out of fear they may extort me again. My friend( Late Sleek) ran along with me confused. I told him I was running because of the SARS men.” He said amidst tears.

According to Reuben, after the SARS officers almost caught up with them, another police officer stationed at De Topic Supermarket in Elenlenwo double crossed them and fired two shots, one which killed late Chibuike and another which slightly missed Reuben.

“After he shot my friend, I explained to them that we were innocent. They emptied my bag pack and found nothing incriminating.” He said.

Reuben narrated that even after nothing incriminating was found on him and his late friend, the SARS officers beat up and cuffed him. They were taking to Rumubiakani police station and later to Elelenwo police station where Late Chibuike finally gave up the ghost.

Reuben narrates that all pleas to take Chibuike to a hospital for treatment after he was shot fell on deaf ears as the SARS officers beat him each time he tried to intercede for his late friend’s life.

” We were driving past several hospitals. I would point to a hospital and say Sir, please, let’s take him there for treatment. and they will beat me up and ask me to shut up. They killed my friend for just coming to visit me. If I knew my friend would be shot dead by SARS for visiting me, I would have asked him not to visit me.” Reuben said crying.

The police public relations officer in Rivers state, Mr Omoni Nnamdi, told our reporter that he was not quite familiar with the case but that he had received several calls in relation to the issue from other journalist. He said he would brief the media when fully acquainted with facts of the case.

Rivers State Governor Reacts

The governor of Rivers State, Barrister Nyesom Wike reacted to the issue with a tweet on his Twitter handle calling for the reform or disbandment of the SARS unit of the police.

Sleek: Killed Along With His Dreams

Late Sleek was a raving upcoming musician with many songs to his credit. The Sister said he had just finished writing his JAMB and was learning a trade in the music industry.

His friend, Richard Amadi told Report Afrique they had worked on many tracks together.

One of Sleek’s songs

Friends Planning a Protest

Friends of the deceased are planning to protest his extra judicial killing by the police before the end of the week despite the ban on protest by the Rivers state government.

” We no dey fear them again, if them want kill all of us, make them kill us. E don too much for SARS” – Late Sleek’s friend, Richard Amadi told our reporter.

Sleek Daniel Ikeaguchi
#Justiceforsleek : How Police Murdered 20 Year-Old Musician, Daniel "Sleek" Ikeaguchi, In Rivers State 9

#EndSARS : Too many Extra Judicial Killings

In December 2019, policemen attached to the mile one police station in Diobu area of Port Harcourt allegedly tortured an auto mechanic, Late Chima Ikwunado to death while in their custody.

The story later went viral causing the IGP to order an investigation into the matter. The four officers involved are currently undergoing trial in Rivers state.

Too many cases of extra judicial killings by the Special Police are experienced across Nigeria and these have led to many calling for the unit to be disbanded.

Sleek’s mother is a petty trader and neigbours say the deceased was very supportive of the mother’s business.

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