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NAPTIP Arrests Fake Rev. Sister for Alleged Trafficking of 38 Children in Delta State

NAPTIP Arrests Fake Rev. Sister for Trafficking 38 Children

The Edo Zonal Command of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) has apprehended a fake Reverend Sister, identified as Maryvianney Ikejimba, alias Oluchi, aged 40, for her involvement in the trafficking of 38 children in Delta State.

The suspect, along with an accomplice named Chidera, who is currently on the run, allegedly handed over the children to two orphanage homes under the false pretense of providing them with better care.

According to PUNCH Metro, the children were reportedly entrusted to the suspects by their parents at a farm community located in Enugu-Awka camp by the Monastery in Ilah, Delta State. Ikejimba was apprehended by NAPTIP operatives following a tip-off, as she attempted to recruit more children in the farm community.

Confirming the incident, Nduka Nwanwenne, the Zonal Commander of NAPTIP in Benin, disclosed that the suspect is currently in custody. Ikejimba allegedly claimed to have received training as a Reverend Sister in Ghana, despite NAPTIP’s discovery that their headquarters is located in the Philippines. She reportedly convinced parents to entrust their children to her care, promising better opportunities at the orphanage homes.

To allay suspicions, the suspects allegedly invited two parents to visit the orphanage homes where their children would be placed. Thirty-two of the trafficked children have been rescued by NAPTIP, while six, aged between three and six years old, are yet to be located.

Nwanwenne revealed that Ikejimba was given 12 children on January 28 and an additional 26 children on February 19, bringing the total number of children in her custody to 38. All the children involved are minors, underscoring the severity of the situation.

The suspects, posing as Reverend Sisters from a convent in Owerri, were allegedly engaged in recruiting children for human trafficking purposes. NAPTIP is intensifying efforts to apprehend the remaining suspect who is currently at large. Once the investigation is concluded, the apprehended suspect will be charged accordingly.

In response to the alarming incident, NAPTIP has issued a stern warning to parents, urging them to exercise vigilance and refrain from entrusting their children to strangers without conducting thorough background checks. The agency emphasized the importance of asking fundamental questions and verifying the credentials of individuals claiming to offer care or assistance to children.

The apprehension of the fake Reverend Sister highlights the ongoing efforts of NAPTIP to combat child trafficking and protect vulnerable children from exploitation. The agency remains committed to its mandate of eradicating human trafficking and ensuring the safety and well-being of all citizens, especially minors who are particularly susceptible to exploitation and abuse.

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