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My peace of mind is more important – police officer who rejected N150m bribe

My peace of mind is more important - police officer who rejected N150m bribe

A Nigerian police officer, Superintendent Ibrahim Sini, has made headlines for his integrity and commitment to doing the right thing. Sini, who led a team of investigators in a high-profile case against a Lagos-based businessman, Akintoye Akindele, rejected a N150 million bribe offer to allow the suspect to escape abroad and write a favourable report.

According to sources, Akindele allegedly approached Sini with the bribe, asking if he wanted to “be rich.” Sini reportedly responded by saying that he wanted to have money that would allow him to sleep at night without worrying about his actions. He opted to do the right thing and refused the bribe, despite the temptation.

The officer’s decision has been widely praised by his colleagues and superiors, who have commended him for upholding the highest ethical standards. In recognition of his integrity, Sini was awarded a plot of land in Abuja by the Federal Capital Territory Commissioner of Police, Benneth Igweh.

Igweh praised Sini’s conduct, saying it had brought pride to the Nigeria Police Force. “His actions are exemplary and should inspire others to emulate his conduct,” Igweh said.

The CEO of Vegas Homes, Chukwuemeka Okoye, also commended Sini’s actions, saying they demonstrated that even in challenging circumstances, it is possible to remain true to one’s values. Okoye added that Sini’s integrity serves as a beacon of hope and an inspiration to others.

The event, which honored Sini’s conduct, was attended by several dignitaries and aimed to recognize individuals who have demonstrated exceptional integrity and good conduct. The grant of land is seen as a token of appreciation for Sini’s commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards.

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