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Subsea Fibre Cut Internet Outage: How Glo1 Defies the Odds to Offer Value to its Subscribers – Anthony Eshemokhai 

Subsea Fibre Cut: How Glo1 Defies the Odds to Offer Value in Time of Despair to its Subscribers3 Reasons Every Nigerian Must Have a Glo Line - by Anthony Eshemokhai
3 Reasons Every Nigerian Must Have a Glo Line – by Anthony Eshemokhai

The current internet fluctuations experienced by other telecommunications company in Nigeria does not affect the truly Nigerian telco giant Globacom, also known as Glo.

There has been nationwide internet breakdown involving all major telcos in Nigera, except Glo. The outage is said to be as a result of a subsea fibre cable cut.

The subsea cables affected are the West Africa Cable System (WACS), the Africa Coast to Europe (ACE), MainOne, and SAT3.

Glo is unaffected by the outage because, unlike other telcos, it is only Globacom that invested over $250 million Dollars to install its own submarine cables from Nigeria to Europe. Thus, with the recent disruptions of other submarine cables serving other Telcos, Glo-1 or Globacom Main 1, as the submarine fiber optic cable that ran from Nigeria to Europe is called, was not affected in anyway.

This is the simple reason Glo should be your first choice telco for data and calls in Nigeria.

Beyond Being a Trailblazing Telecom Brand: 5 Reasons Globacom Stands Out Among Others
Glo Headquarters In Nigeria

As a loyal subscriber to the “Grand Masters of Data”, I have been seamlessly enjoying my internet broadband while many of my friends were struggling to carry out their simple surfing. All I have been hearing for the past days is “please share me your hotspot”!

All these wonderful experience was made possible due to the foresight of a man who entered the telecommunications industry like a Charging bull and became a leading light with a list of firsts; Dr Mike Adenuga Jr, the founder and Chairman of Globacom. Among some of the list of firsts are:

-first to pioneer per second billing

-first to demystify SIM acquisitions

– first and only telecom with its own submarine cable across the Atlantic Ocean all the way to Europe

-first to support Sports, Culture and SMEs

-best at giving back to Nigerians(houses, cars etc)

It is clearly time to visit the nearest Glo Centre now to acquire a Sim and activating a data bundle without a further delay.

Considering the dwindling Nigerian economy, It is not only a wise choice but a patriotic duty as growing this only Nigerian telecom brand is the best way to grow the Nigerian economy. The profit stays within Nigeria with no capital flight and will also ease off the pressure on the United States Dollars which other Telcos need to “fly out” their capital.

A win for Glo is clearly a win for the Nigerian people.

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