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Tinubu Suspends NSIPA Coordinator, Halima Shehu Amidst Financial Malfeasance Probe

Tinubu Suspends NSIPA Coordinator Halima Shehu Amidst Financial Malfeasance Probe

In a decisive move, President Bola Tinubu has given the nod for the immediate suspension and investigation of Ms Halima Shehu, the National Coordinator and CEO of the National Social Investment Program Agency (NSIPA).

The suspension stems from allegations of financial malfeasance that have prompted a thorough inquiry into her conduct. The President is committed to ensuring transparency and accountability within the agency.

During the investigative period, Dr Akindele Egbuwalo, the National N-POWER Program Manager, has been appointed to oversee the NSIPA. This strategic measure ensures the smooth continuation of agency operations while a thorough examination of the allegations against Ms Halima Shehu takes place.

The President’s swift response underscores the gravity with which the administration views financial integrity and ethical standards in public service.

As the nation awaits the outcome of the investigation, this development signals a proactive stance by the government to address any improprieties within key institutions, reinforcing the commitment to maintaining the highest standards of governance.

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