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Russia forces African students to Fight in War Against Ukraine – reports

Russia forces African students to Fight in War Against Ukraine

As Russia’s war in Ukraine continues to rage, according to Bloomberg, the Kremlin has been enlisting thousands of foreign nationals, including migrants and students, to fight alongside Russian troops. This move is part of a larger effort to bolster the country’s military strength and offset the high casualty rates suffered by Russian soldiers.

According to European officials, Moscow has been using tactics similar to those employed by the Wagner mercenary group, which has been recruiting foreign mercenaries for years. The Kremlin has been threatening to deport or detain African students and young workers who refuse to join the military, forcing them to make a difficult choice.

In addition to migrants and students, Russia has also been recruiting convicts from its prisons, many of whom are African nationals. Some of these individuals have been able to bribe officials to avoid military service, while others have been forced to join the front lines.

The practice of sending foreign nationals into battle under duress is not new, and European officials say that those troops have suffered especially high casualty rates due to their deployment in risky offensive maneuvers.

Russia’s efforts to recruit foreign mercenaries have been global in scope, with reports indicating that the country has engaged in a recruitment drive in at least 21 countries, including several nations in Africa. The Russian military has been offering lucrative signing bonuses and salaries to those who join up as contract soldiers, and recruiters have been targeting migrants and students who were previously looking for employment in Russia.

The impact of Russia’s mobilization efforts could be significant, as the country seeks to capitalize on a shift in momentum in the war. Despite suffering heavy losses, Russia’s military has been able to make slow gains in northeastern Ukraine, and the country’s ability to mobilize greater numbers of troops could be a key factor in the coming months.

The Ukrainian government has reported an increase in the number of foreign fighters among its prisoners, with many Africans and Nepalis being represented. The country’s allies are considering sharing information about these foreign fighters with their home countries, but many nations have remained neutral or have been targeted by Russian disinformation efforts.

As Russia continues its war effort, the country’s leaders are under pressure to maintain public support at home. President Vladimir Putin has resisted a full-scale mobilization, opting instead for a voluntary recruitment drive that has attracted tens of thousands of new recruits. Despite this, Russia’s military losses continue to mount, with over 1,200 soldiers being killed or wounded each day in May alone.

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