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Nigerian Man’s Visa Application Denied Due to Unpaid Loan

Man denied Visa Application as checks showed he owes loan App N5k
Man denied Visa Application as checks showed he owes loan app N5k

A Nigerian man’s visa application has been denied due to an unpaid loan of N5,000 owed to a loan app since 2020, according to a report shared by Leonard IB Marcus.

The man’s Bank Verification Number (BVN) revealed the outstanding debt, leading to the denial of his visa application.

The report has sparked mixed reactions, with some disputing the claim and others affirming its possibility. Some individuals have shared their experiences and knowledge about credit reports and loan records, advising others to check their credit scores to avoid similar embarrassments.

According to Leonard IB Marcus, the man’s BVN was used to ascertain his credit history, which revealed the unpaid loan. He warned that loan apps can write to the Bureau de Change and blacklist an individual’s BVN until the loan is paid off.

While some have expressed skepticism about the report, others have shared their concerns about the importance of maintaining a good credit score.

The report highlights the significance of settling debts and maintaining a clean credit record, especially for those seeking to travel abroad.

At the time of this report, the authenticity of the story could not be confirmed. However, it serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of managing one’s finances and credit history.

To read people’s reactions to the story, visit Leonard IB’s Facebook page.

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