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Nigerian Army Dismisses Soldiers for Theft at Dangote Refinery

Nigerian Army Dismisses Soldiers for Theft at Dangote Refinery
Nigerian Army Dismisses Soldiers for Theft at Dangote Refinery

The Nigerian Army has taken decisive action against two of its personnel, Corporal Innocent Joseph and Lance Corporal Jacob Gani, following their involvement in an alleged theft incident at the Dangote Refinery in Lagos.

The soldiers were apprehended on April 14 at the refinery’s main gate with 897 armoured cables, which had already been cut to size. Upon investigation, they were found to have abandoned their duty post and were in unauthorized possession of the materials.

In accordance with military laws, both soldiers were charged with Failure to Perform Military Duties under Section 57, subsection (1), and Other Civil Offenses under Section 114, subsection (1) of the Armed Forces Act CAP A20, the Law of the Federation of Nigeria 2004.

They were summarily tried, found guilty, and subsequently dismissed from the Nigerian Army with immediate effect.

Maj-Gen. Nwachukwu Onyema, spokesperson for the Nigerian Army, emphasized the institution’s commitment to upholding high standards of professionalism, integrity, and discipline. He stated that the soldiers have been handed over to relevant authorities for further prosecution.

Earlier reports revealed that the dismissed soldiers were hired by a contractor identified as Smart, who allegedly misled them into believing they were retrieving cables left behind at the facility. However, upon arrival, Smart sensed trouble, excused himself, and left the scene.

This incident underscores the Nigerian Army’s zero-tolerance policy towards misconduct and criminal behavior within its ranks, as it continues to maintain vigilance and accountability in its operations.

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