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2019: Why I Want To Be Delta Governor – Comrade Sunny Ofehe

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Renowned Niger Delta environmental rights activist, Comrade Sunny Ofehe has said that he join the Delta state governorship race to redefine the politics of the state and make Deltans feel what it mean when resources are properly utilize for their betterment.

In a chat with selected newsmen in Abuja on Thursday during the declaration of former Edo State governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole to gun for APC National chairmanship, Ofehe said that within four years when he is elected, Deltans would be shock what he will attract to the state without touching a single dime of the federal allocation.

He said that state governments have failed to tap into the many window of economic opportunity open to develop their state because they solely rely on the nation’s oil wealth which come through monthly federal allocation.

comrade sunny ofehe
Ofehe At His Ward During The Last Apc Ward Congress In Delta State

Ofehe said that besides changing the dynamics of Delta state politics, his administration would create so much awareness about the working of government that previous leaders of the state would be stone for misappropriation and amassing the common patrimony of the people.

According to him, the state was lagging behind because successive government have failed to model infrastructures after what they see outside their shores, saying that infrastructural decay in the state was because self interest over ride the people’s interest.

He said that the infrastructural deficit and insecurity that is the major problems of the state were domicile in Rotterdam, The Netherlands because they have same typography, same sea ports but Delta state was better position for massive development because of its oil resources which Rotterdam lack.

Ofehe, expressed concern that Delta state has Otorogun Gas Plant, Nigeria’s biggest plant which fields the Egbin Power Station, Lagos and others in the country, which successive government have failed to harness to generate electricity to homes, stressing that when given the mandate, he would turn around the plant to have a turbine that would power the whole of the state.

He noted that often times people have the notion that government have no business being in business which was not true, pointing out that government can be in business when there is a proper policy, legal flamework and conductive environment for investors to bring in their money.

According to him, within four years of his administration, Deltans would have industries that would gainfully employ her youths, pointing out that his team of foreign experts have already designed a template that is workable for the state.

Ofehe said that he was going to tap into the failures of successive government in area of waste management, ports utilization, educational enhancement programmes for youths, health care revitalization, agricultural revolution through mechanize farming to make a great difference in what dividends of democracy truly mean.

He pointed out that regular payment of salaries and entitlements for workers in all cadet of civil service is not an achievement as some state governments often flaunt.

The activist turned politician said that by the time he complete his tenure of office, Deltans would be yearning for him to continue.

He said that he would tap into the gains of his Niger Delta activism over the years in the international community to tackle security challenges, youth empowerment and make the state investors haven within a short period.

Ofehe, who is a product of University of Benin, said that during his administration, political mediocrity would die, sycophancies and bad press would naturally die because people would realize what good governance ordinary should be.

He said that his decision to join the race was driven by passion and not because people are yearning for him to run, stressing that when elected, his administration will position Delta state on the global economic map.

“I have stood up to take up this challenge because I feel the time has come. What drive me today is borne of passion. No governorship aspirant can stand the kind of sacrifice that I have put in Niger Delta struggle”.

Speaking about his chances to clinch the APC ticket going by the fact that he is a new comer in Delta state politics, Ofehe said that if there is no one better than him in the race he ready have the ticket to run.

“It is God who appoint Kings and it is God who dethrone Kings. When the chip are down, I would floor all the people in the race”.

According to him, a political tsunami would hit that Delta state chapter of the APC soon and it will re-position the party to dethrone the ruling PDP in the state, adding that unity of purpose is what the APC need to send PDP packing.

The front line aspirant however urged APC leaders and party faithfuls in the state to bury their difference and work toward how the ruling state party, PDP can be dethrone for its failure to judiciously manage the resources of Delta state for the people.

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