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US Students Raise Funds to Send Beloved Security Guard on Emotional Return Trip to Nigeria

US Students Raise Funds to Send Beloved Security Guard on Emotional Return Trip to Nigeria

In a touching display of compassion and solidarity, a group of college students in Rhode Island has rallied together to facilitate a surprise trip for their cherished security guard, enabling him to reunite with his family in Nigeria after more than a decade apart.

Gray News, citing Providence College, reported that the students residing in Raymond Hall were inspired to take action upon discovering that their overnight security guard, James Mogaji, had not visited his family in Nigeria for over ten years.

Brandon Reichert, one of the proactive students, initiated a GoFundMe campaign on February 29 to gather support for Mogaji’s journey. The campaign aimed to share Mogaji’s poignant story and garner contributions from the community to make his long-awaited reunion with his family a reality.

Remarkably, within a mere week of launching the campaign, the compassionate students surpassed their fundraising target, raising enough funds to present Mogaji with a generous gift: a $3,000 trip to Nigeria. Reichert spoke fondly of Mogaji, describing him as “one of the nicest people you will ever meet,” known for his warm demeanor and willingness to engage in conversation at any hour of the night.

A heartfelt video capturing the emotional moment when the students surprised Mogaji with the news of his trip has touched the hearts of viewers, garnering thousands of views and an outpouring of supportive comments.

The students’ initiative was driven by their desire to express gratitude for Mogaji’s unwavering dedication and to demonstrate how much he is valued within the college community. Their collective effort aimed to fulfill Mogaji’s longstanding wish to reconnect with his loved ones in Nigeria and to provide him with a well-deserved opportunity for familial bonding and rejuvenation.

“We were able to gift James with enough money for him to travel to Nigeria to visit his family in June!” exclaimed Reichert, expressing profound gratitude to all those who contributed to the fundraising campaign. He emphasized the profound impact of their donations on Mogaji’s life and underscored the significance of their gesture in making a tangible difference for an exceptional individual.

In a testament to the enduring spirit of generosity and solidarity, the students’ fundraising efforts have exceeded expectations, amassing nearly $30,000 in total. The students have pledged that all additional donations received will be allocated to Mogaji at the end of the school year, ensuring that he can continue to make return trips to Nigeria and maintain his connection with his family.

As Mogaji prepares for his poignant journey home, he carries with him the heartfelt appreciation and support of an entire college community. Their collective endeavor has transformed his dream of reuniting with his family in Nigeria into a heartwarming reality, illustrating the profound impact that acts of kindness and compassion can have on individuals’ lives.

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