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Is Junior Pope Alive? | Actor Allegedly Revived After Boat Mishap

Junior Pope is Alive: Actor Allegedly Revived After Boat Mishap

Popular Nollywood actor, Junior Pope, who was said to have died after drowning following a boat mishap in Anambra state earlier Wednesday, has reportedly been revived and currently receiving treatment at the hospital.

The news of him being alive after the accident surfaced online after a video showing the actor in a room with people trying to revive him went viral. He was alleged to have come back to life at a mortuary following attempts by his colleagues to revive him.

Videos Surface Online Suggesting Junior Pope is ALive

Videos have emerged online suggesting actor, Junior Pope, who was initially reported to be dead, is alive. See some of the videos below:

Video suggest Junior Pope May be Alive

In another video, fans were seen jubilating and thanking God that the actor had come back to life.

In the video, a fan was seen screaming ” Thank you Jesus! Junior Pope is alive!”

Video suggest actor Junior Pope may be Alive

None of the videos suggesting that the actor may be alive had a clear footage to prove the claims.

Emeka Rollas, President of Actors Guild of Nigeria Confirms Junior Pope is Alive

Emeka Rollas
Emeka Rollas, President Of The Actors Guild Of Nigeria

A confirmation of the news of actor Junior Pope coming back to life after he was reported to have died came from the Actors Guild of Nigeria, a body that carters for the welfare of movie makers in Nigeria.

The president of the Guild, Emeka Rollas confirmed that Junior Pope had been revived and was receiving treatment at the hospital.

Confirming the story in a post on his Facebook page, Mr. Rollas wrote:

“What God cannot do does not exist.

Junior Pope is alive.

He is taking treatment in the hospital.”

Conflicting Reports About Actor Junior Pope’s health

Popular Nollywood Actor, Junior Pope is Dead
Junior Pope

A source, who is also stakeholder in the Nigerian movie industry, told REPORT AFRIQUE earlier that the actor was indeed dead. He, however said the videos of his resurrection being shared was one of several attempts to revive the dead actor but failed.

He further explained that after the actor’s corpse was recovered from the sea, his remains were taken to the River Shrine and was confirmed dead.

In an attempt to revive him, his colleagues took him to the hospital where he was also confirmed dead by the doctor on duty. However, his colleagues made the decision to put him on a life support at the hospital with the hope that a miracle may bring him to life.

” Those videos was when we were trying everything possible to see if we can revive him but I can confirm that unless a miracle happens in the hospital tonight, Junior pope is dead.” The source told our reporter.

The Punch Newspaper also reported that the Delta’s Actor Guild chairman, AGN, Emma Onyemeziem, confirmed Junior Pope’s death, contradicting the stands of the president of the guild, Mr Emeka Rollas.

Emeka Rollas had claimed that Junior Pope was alive and recuperating at the hospital.

The contracting news about the actor leaves gaps in finding the truth about the actual state of his health as at the time of filling this report.

This is a developing story. REPORT AFRIQUE will furnish readers with updates as they emerge.

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