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Death Controversy: Actor Junior Pope Confirmed Dead – Family

junior pope confirmed dead Popular Nollywood Actor, Junior Pope is Dead
Junior Pope

The death of popular actor, Junior pope, which became a subject of controversy following news that he had come back to life after he was announced dead on Wednesday, has been confirmed by family sources to be true.

A family source told REPORT AFRIQUE that the actor was truly dead. His remains were said to have been taken to different hospitals in a bid to resuscitate him but all efforts proved abortive.

“We were told he was revived but later found he could not be revived despite many efforts by his colleagues and I can confirm to you that our brother is sadly, truly, dead at this moment.” The family source informed our reporter.

AGN Confirms Death of Actor Junior Pope

The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has also confirmed the death of actor Junior Pope.

Confirming the news of Pope’s death in a Facebook post, the president of AGN, Emeka Rollas, wrote on his Facebook page thus:

“Its so so sad that our joy was shortlived.

My first post was out of excitement when we noticed his tingling fingers. Two notable hospitals tried their best to revive him but to no avail. God knows the best.

We finally lost him

Mr Friday corpse has been identified but three other corpses are yet to be found.”

Controversy over the Death of Junior Pope

The death of the star actor was first reported by REPORT AFRIQUE on Wednesday following a boat accident that claimed his life and those of three other crew members while on a movie set in Anam River, in Anambra state.

The news of his death became a subject of controversy after videos emerged online claiming the actor had come back to life. This sparked mixed reactions from netizens leading to a public confussion.

The situation got heightened when the AGN president, Mr. Rollas made a post claiming the actor was back to life and receiving treatments at the hospital.

Mr. Rollas has now recounted his earlier claims, saying it was made out of excitement.

The actor is survived by his wife and three children.

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