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“I have been married for 20 years and have never cooked” – Nigerian entrepreneur, Mojisola Hunponu-Wusu.

I’ve never cooked since I got married-Nigerian entrepreneur

Hunponu-Wusu the Founder of Woodhall Capital, shared candid insights into her domestic arrangements, revealing that despite being married for two decades and having children, she has never cooked in her own home.

Mojisola Hunponu-Wusu, recently opened up about her unique approach to balancing her professional and personal life. In an interview on ‘The Diary Of A Naija Girl’ podcast,

Explaining the rationale behind her unconventional household dynamic, Hunponu-Wusu cited her demanding schedule as a primary factor. She confessed that her busy lifestyle has left little time for traditional household chores like cooking, a task typically associated with women in Nigerian culture.

Acknowledging her desire for more time to dedicate to family activities, Hunponu-Wusu expressed admiration for women who excel in both their professional and domestic roles. However, she emphasized her commitment to staying true to her purpose and entrepreneurial path, which demands her full attention and dedication.

While Hunponu-Wusu admitted to not engaging in cooking, she reassured listeners that she actively participates in other aspects of family life that her husband appreciates. She acknowledged the importance of understanding and fulfilling her husband’s needs, even if cooking is not her primary contribution to their relationship.

In reflecting on her lifestyle choices, Hunponu-Wusu highlighted the concept of love languages, suggesting that cooking may not be her husband’s preferred form of expression. She speculated that her husband likely values other qualities and actions that she brings to their marriage, underscoring the importance of mutual understanding and appreciation in a partnership.

Hunponu-Wusu’s remarks shed light on the complexities of modern relationships and the diverse ways in which individuals navigate their personal and professional responsibilities. Her openness about her domestic arrangements challenges conventional gender norms and underscores the importance of prioritizing individual passions and commitments.

As an entrepreneur, Hunponu-Wusu’s story serves as a reminder of the sacrifices and trade-offs often required to pursue ambitious career goals. Her willingness to share her experiences provides insight into the challenges faced by women in balancing work and family life, sparking conversations about societal expectations and personal fulfillment.

While Hunponu-Wusu’s lifestyle may not conform to traditional expectations, her honesty and authenticity resonate with listeners grappling with similar dilemmas. By embracing her unique journey and staying true to her purpose, she sets an empowering example for others striving to find their own balance in life.

In conclusion, Mojisola Hunponu-Wusu’s disclosure offers a glimpse into the complexities of modern womanhood and the pursuit of professional success amidst competing demands. Her story underscores the importance of self-awareness, prioritization, and mutual understanding in achieving a fulfilling and balanced life, both personally and professionally.

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  1. I don’t envy you.Instead I feel bad for you that you don’t cook it’s not normal and nothing to write home about.

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