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Greek police confirm the body found is Dr Michael Mosley

Greek police confirm the body found is Dr Michael Mosley

Dr. Michael Mosley, a British doctor and TV presenter, who was found dead on the Greek island of Symi. The 67-year-old doctor was known for his popular diet books and TV shows, particularly the 5:2 diet, which involves fasting for two days a week.

Dr. Mosley was on holiday with his wife, Dr. Clare Bailey, and friends on Symi when he went missing on Wednesday. A search operation was launched, and his body was found on Thursday by a waiter at a beach bar. The police investigation found that Dr. Mosley had been walking alone on a rocky path when he disappeared, and it is believed that he may have died from heatstroke or exhaustion due to the high temperatures on the island.

Dr. Mosley’s previous health experiences includes an incident in 2021 where he swam in cold water and developed transient global amnesia, which caused him to forget his identity and surroundings.

Dr. Mosley’s death has been met with widespread sadness, with many people expressing their condolences to his family and friends. Editor of Mail Newspapers said: “Michael wasn’t just a unique and unmissable columnist. He was part of the Mail family. His insights – especially his revelation that you CAN reverse type two diabetes – will have extended, and even saved, the lives of countless readers.”

Dr. Mosley’s achievements can never be forgotten, promoting the 5:2 diet and challenging conventional wisdom about diet and health. His work has been praised by many experts in the field, and his books have been bestsellers.

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