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Niger Delta Graduates Demand Employment Equity from Chevron, Threaten Shutdown

Group demands employment threatens to shutdown chevron
Group demands employment threatens to shutdown chevron

The National Association of Itsekiri Graduates (NAIG) and the National Association of Ilaje Graduates (NAIG) have expressed grievances over what they perceive as ongoing marginalization by Chevron Nigeria Limited in their employment practices.

At a town hall meeting, representatives from NAIG and NAIG, including President Ben Eyitemi Eburajolo and Secretary Esiategiwa Mino, alongside Olaye Tare and Kin Charles General, issued a joint communiqué demanding a fair share of employment opportunities for the Itsekiri, Ijaw, and Ilaje peoples. They stipulated a demand for 70% of all employments from Chevron, citing persistent neglect.

The ultimatum:

The groups have given Chevron a 21-day ultimatum to convene a roundtable meeting to address their concerns. Failure to do so, they warned, could lead to the shutdown of Chevron’s operations.

Key demands:

Among their demands, the groups insisted on an end to secret employment practices, conversion of host community contract staff to regular staff with full benefits, and preferential treatment for host community contractors in bidding for drilling contracts. They also called for the reinstatement of Engr. Timmy Okeoghene Okirika and the reservation of the director business service position for host communities.


Should Chevron fail to meet their demands, the groups vowed to take action, including shutting down Chevron Nigeria Limited operations.

The NAIG and NAIG emphasized their readiness to engage in the employment process but stressed the necessity for equitable representation. They urged Chevron to heed their demands and called for prompt action within the stipulated timeframe.

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