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Hotel Manager Tortured to Death by Nigerian Army in Abia State

Hotel Manager Tortured to Death by Nigerian Army in Abia State
Hotel Manager Tortured to Death by Nigerian Army in Abia State

In a shocking turn of events, Mr. Achimugu James Etubi, the head of the food and beverage department at Hotel Royal Damgrete in Umuahia, Abia State, has been allegedly tortured to death by personnel of the Nigerian Army.

The tragic incident occurred following the reported drowning of a Nigerian Air Force cadet, identified as Cadet Chidiebere, in the hotel’s swimming pool.

According to reports, the Abia State Police Command confirmed the death of Cadet Chidiebere, prompting investigations into the circumstances surrounding his demise.

Subsequently, soldiers, led by Major Inuwa, purportedly ordered the brutal interrogation of four hotel staff members, including Mr. Etubi, resulting in his tragic death.

Eyewitnesses recounted a harrowing sequence of events, detailing how the situation escalated from the initial investigation into Cadet Chidiebere’s death. Despite police instructions to release the detained staff members, the military allegedly intervened, threatening the hotel owner and demanding the workers be handed over.

Mr. Steve Ihendigbo, the hotel owner, expressed shock and dismay over the death of his staff members, noting that soldiers continued to intimidate and threaten hotel employees even after the incident.

He highlighted the failure of authorities to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding Cadet Chidiebere’s death and called for justice for Mr. Etubi and his grieving family.

Efforts to reach Major Inuwa for comment were reportedly unsuccessful, although he denied directing soldiers to harm the hotel staff. Despite Mr. Ihendigbo’s report to the police, the alleged perpetrators remain at large, instilling fear among hotel staff members.

As the investigation unfolds, Mr. Ihendigbo remains determined to uncover the truth behind the tragic events and ensure accountability for those responsible for the senseless loss of life.

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