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FCCPC Takes Action Against Substandard Products in Ekiti

FCCPC seals warehouse in Ekiti over fake products
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The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has taken decisive action against a warehouse in Ado-Ekiti, the capital of Ekiti State, for distributing substandard products.

Led by Boladale Adeyinka, Director of Surveillance and Investigations at FCCPC, a team of officers conducted a raid on the warehouse following intelligence reports of alleged violations of consumer safety laws. During the operation, it was revealed that the warehouse was engaged in practices contrary to the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission Act.

Adeyinka highlighted discrepancies between batch numbers on waybills and the actual products in the warehouse, raising suspicions about the authenticity and source of the goods. Despite the presence of expiry dates on the products, the absence of manufacturer batch numbers further raised concerns.

The FCCPC team also utilized the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) scan code to verify the authenticity of the products, which confirmed irregularities and invalidated the product identification marks.

Furthermore, observations of underweight packaging, such as bags of rice weighing less than the specified amount, further compounded the suspicions surrounding the warehouse’s operations.

Adeyinka emphasized the importance of consumer safety and urged Nigerians to report any harmful business practices to the FCCPC. The agency is committed to tracking down manufacturers of substandard products and holding them accountable.

The investigation is ongoing, with indications that the substandard products may have been distributed to other outlets in Ado Ekiti. The FCCPC remains vigilant in its efforts to protect consumers and uphold regulatory standards in the marketplace.

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