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Nigerian Female Soldier Dismissed for Stealing N35 Million Worth of Jewellery

female soldier sacked for stealing N35m worth of jewellery
female soldier sacked for stealing N35m worth of jewellery

A female soldier identified as Lance Corporal Jonah Comfort, with service number 15NA/74/4422F, has been dismissed from the Nigerian Army after confessing to stealing gold jewellery worth N35 million from the wife of an army general. The incident reportedly occurred earlier in May.

According to sources within the army, Comfort entered the senior officer’s residence and stole the valuable jewellery. She then sold the items to a jeweller in Kaduna for N5 million. The jeweller involved in the transaction has also been arrested by military police.

Army insiders revealed that the military authorities have been cautious in handling the case to avoid public scrutiny over the general’s wife’s possession of such expensive jewellery, especially given her status as a housewife. One source commented, “The jewellery stolen by the soldier was just part of her collection.”

The incident has sparked discussions about the treatment of female soldiers, with some alleging that they are often exploited by senior officers’ wives. “Sadly, most of these female soldiers have been turned into slaves by our senior officers’ wives. Now she has been dismissed and put in a cell,” the source added.

SAHARA REPORTERS exclusively made known the incident to the public on their official page.

Similarly, this dismissal follows closely on the heels of another disciplinary action within the army. Recently, three soldiers—LCPL Abdul Musa, CPL Innocent Okwoli, and CPL West Isaac—were dismissed for involvement in armed robbery and kidnapping.

These soldiers were arrested by police during an operation in April and handed over to army authorities for further investigation. They were charged, tried, found guilty, and dismissed by the Armed Forces Act Caps A20, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004, SAHARA REPORTERS confirms.

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