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Insecurity: President Tinubu Urges Nigerian Military to Intensify Efforts Against Security Challenges

President Tinubu Urges Nigerian Military to Intensify Efforts Against Security Challenges

President Tinubu, through his deputy Vice President Kashim Shettima, has urged the Nigerian military and security agencies to ramp up efforts in addressing the country’s multi-dimensional security challenges.

This call came during the induction ceremony of two TK-129 ATAK Helicopters and a King Air 360i Aircraft at Nigeria Air (NAF) Base, Makurdi, Benue State.

During the ceremony, President Tinubu reiterated his administration’s unwavering support for the nation’s security forces.

He emphasized ongoing initiatives such as the modernization of fleets, training programs, and welfare enhancements for personnel.

Highlighting recent developments, Vice President Shettima recalled the commissioning of four additional Diamond-62 surveillance aircraft into the Nigerian Air Force’s arsenal.

He emphasized that such investments underscore the government’s enduring commitment to national security.

President Tinubu stressed the critical role of the Armed Forces in maintaining peace, law, and order. He warned of the consequences of neglecting their needs, emphasizing the potential for anarchy and lawlessness without vigilant attention.

The induction ceremony serves as a symbolic gesture of the government’s dedication to patriotism and strategic investments in safeguarding the nation’s security.

President Tinubu’s call for heightened security efforts underscores the gravity of Nigeria’s security situation.

With ongoing modernization initiatives and a renewed commitment to the welfare of security personnel, the government aims to address existing challenges and ensure peace and stability across the nation.

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