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Former DSS Director Criticizes Escape of Binance Executive, Calls it National Embarrassment

Former DSS Director Criticizes Escape of Binance Executive, Calls it National Embarrassment

The escape of Nadeem Anjarwalla, a Binance executive, from custody has sparked controversy and criticism, with former Director of the Department of State Services (DSS), Mike Ejiofor, describing it as a national embarrassment to Nigeria. Ejiofor voiced his concerns during an interview on Arise Television, where he raised questions about the circumstances surrounding Anjarwalla’s escape and urged authorities to hold those responsible accountable.

Anjarwalla’s escape came to light amid allegations of negligence or compromise within the security apparatus. Ejiofor expressed skepticism over the decision to keep the suspect in the custody of the National Security Adviser (NSA) instead of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the agency responsible for prosecuting the executives. He questioned the adequacy of the NSA’s facilities for holding suspects and highlighted discrepancies in the handling of Anjarwalla’s case.

The former DSS Director emphasized the need for a thorough investigation into the incident, noting that the escape raised broader concerns about the accountability of security agencies. He commended the NSA for promptly issuing a statement and initiating an investigation but stressed the importance of addressing apparent lapses in security procedures.

Ejiofor pointed out that Anjarwalla’s escape exposed flaws in security protocols, particularly the decision to house the suspect in a guest house, which deviates from established procedures. He highlighted the role of the State Security Service (SSS) in placing suspects on watchlists and suggested that Anjarwalla’s name should have been flagged to prevent him from leaving the country via the airport.

The former DSS boss called for Anjarwalla’s swift apprehension and emphasized the seriousness of the allegations against him, which he believes warrant his return to face trial. He expressed confidence in the collaborative efforts of security agencies and Interpol in tracking down the fugitive.

Ejiofor underscored the importance of accountability and urged authorities to learn from past mistakes by holding those responsible for security lapses to account. He emphasized that negligence or compromise in handling high-profile cases undermines national security and erodes public trust in law enforcement agencies.

The escape of Nadeem Anjarwalla has reignited concerns about the integrity and effectiveness of Nigeria’s security apparatus. As investigations continue into the circumstances surrounding his escape, there is a growing demand for transparency and accountability in the handling of such cases. The outcome of these investigations will be crucial in restoring public confidence and ensuring that justice is served.

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