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Man Calls Off Wedding After Fiancée refuses to reveal Who Gifted her an iPhone 13 Promax

Man Calls Off Wedding, secret friend gifts Fiancée iPhone 13

A Nigerian man, Raymond Eze, has reportedly called off his wedding to fiancée Susan Iwueze after she refused to disclose the source of an expensive gift. The incident, shared by user @BolanleCole on social media platform X, revealed that Susan received an iPhone 13 Pro Max from an unknown individual and chose not to reveal the benefactor to Eze.

The situation escalated when Eze discovered the new phone and questioned Iwueze about its origin. Despite his repeated inquiries, Susan remained silent about the identity of the person who gave her the phone.

“He canceled (ended) his marriage to his fiancée because of a phone (iPhone 13 Pro Max) given to her by a stranger. The bride, named Susan Iwueze, allegedly received an iPhone 13 Pro Max as a gift from someone,” the post stated.

Eze’s suspicions deepened as Susan consistently withheld information about the gift’s origin, leading to multiple confrontations. Her persistent secrecy ultimately prompted Eze to call off the wedding, fearing potential future issues in their relationship.

Eze decided to end the engagement to avoid any unforeseen complications, citing a lack of trust due to Iwueze’s unwillingness to be transparent about the gift.

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