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Federal Government Evacuates 138 Nigerian Irregular Migrants Stranded in Libya

FG Rescues 138 Nigerian Irregular Migrants Stranded in Libya
Nigerian Irregular Migrants

The Federal Government has successfully evacuated no fewer than 138 individuals back to Nigeria in a concerted effort to address the plight of Nigerian irregular migrants stranded in Libya.

The evacuation, organized by the Nigerian Mission in Libya, marks the fourth such exercise conducted this year as part of the government’s commitment to its foreign policy objectives.

According to a statement released by Amb Kabiru Musa, Chargé D’Affaires En Titre of the Nigerian Mission in Libya, the evacuees departed from the Mitiga International Airport aboard chartered flight UZ 189 on Tuesday afternoon. The group, consisting of 77 males, 56 females, 11 children, and four infants, is expected to arrive at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos later the same day.

This initiative reflects the government’s dedication to addressing the challenges faced by Nigerian migrants abroad, particularly those who find themselves in precarious situations due to irregular migration. The evacuation efforts are part of a broader strategy aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of Nigerian citizens living abroad, in line with the directives of the Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Amb Musa highlighted the collaborative efforts between the Nigerian Mission in Libya and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in facilitating the evacuation process. Under the consistent Voluntary Humanitarian Repatriation (VHR) programme, the mission has been able to provide necessary support to Nigerians in Libya, including those detained for immigration-related offenses.

“While nearly one thousand stranded Nigerians have safely returned home in 2024 through these evacuation exercises, our commitment to assisting Nigerian migrants remains unwavering,” stated Amb Musa. He emphasized the importance of discouraging young Nigerians from engaging in irregular migration, cautioning against the dangers and uncertainties associated with such journeys.

Upon their arrival in Nigeria, the evacuees will be received by relevant government agencies tasked with ensuring their rehabilitation and reintegration into society. This includes providing necessary support services to help them transition back to their communities and livelihoods.

The successful repatriation of these individuals underscores the government’s commitment to protecting the rights and welfare of Nigerian migrants abroad. By providing a pathway for their safe return, authorities aim to mitigate the risks and challenges faced by irregular migrants, while also sending a message of deterrence to others contemplating similar journeys.

In addition to evacuation efforts, the Nigerian government continues to explore diplomatic and bilateral channels to address the root causes of irregular migration and enhance cooperation with destination countries. This includes initiatives aimed at creating economic opportunities and improving living conditions within Nigeria, thereby reducing the need for citizens to seek employment and livelihoods abroad through irregular means.

As the Federal Government remains steadfast in its commitment to addressing the challenges of irregular migration, stakeholders across various sectors are encouraged to support these efforts and contribute to the overall goal of ensuring the safety and well-being of Nigerian citizens, both at home and abroad.

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