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Troubling dreams about Nigeria made us relocate to US — Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Sam Adeyemi, the Founder and Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, has outlined the reasons for his move to the United States. In a virtual interview on Seun Okinbaloye’s ‘Mic On’ podcast, the pastor discussed themes of leadership beyond politics and the role of Nigeria’s younger generation. The interview which was streamed on the Mic On YouTube channel lasted for over one hour, thirty minutes.

Earlier this year, Adeyemi emphasized the necessity for Nigeria’s older generations, including political and religious leaders, to rectify the country’s issues, highlighting the younger generation’s growing demand for accountability.

Adeyemi attributed his decision to relocate to several factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the EndSARS protests, and recurring disturbing dreams about Nigeria. He recounted that when the pandemic began, his family, including their children, were in the US, leading them to stay together. Just as services at their church were set to resume, the EndSARS protests erupted, causing further delays in their return to Nigeria.

He recounted a troubling series of dreams that he and his wife had about returning to Nigeria, which they interpreted as warnings. Adeyemi described one vivid dream where he was violently attacked, which he took as a sign to stay in the US. These experiences led to heightened prayer and reflection.

Whenever they planned to return to Nigeria, unsettling dreams would arise, causing them to reconsider their plans. Adeyemi stated that these repeated dreams were unprecedented for him and led to serious discussions with family members and church leaders, who supported their decision to remain in the US for safety reasons.

Despite being away from Nigeria for an extended period, Adeyemi found that Daystar Christian Centre continued to thrive, thanks to robust systems and training programs put in place. The pastor noted that his experience in the US revealed the church’s strengths and underscored the importance of building resilient systems.

Adeyemi explained that the prolonged stay in the US eventually led to a shift in his focus from solely pastoring a local church to engaging in a more global ministry. This new direction, he believes, was guided by the Holy Spirit, emphasizing a broader mission while continuing to leverage technology to keep Daystar Christian Centre operational.

Daystar Christian Centre, established on November 18, 1995, in Lagos, has expanded with branches across various states in Nigeria. Adeyemi’s journey highlights the church’s ability to adapt and grow despite challenges, demonstrating what he terms an “organizational miracle.”

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