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Governor alex Otti Prioritizes Professionalization of Sports in Abia State

Governor alex Otti Prioritizes Professionalization of Sports in Abia State Abia State Governor Approves Bursary Awards for Law School Students, Commences Education Infrastructure Projects

Governor Alex Otti has pledged to revolutionize the sports sector in Abia State, emphasizing its transformation into a professional and business-oriented venture.

The announcement came during the inauguration of the inaugural Governor’s Secondary Schools Unity Games at the Umuahia Township Stadium.

Governor Otti underscored his administration’s commitment to investing in sports to unlock its vast potential. He highlighted the primary objectives of the games, focusing on the early identification and development of latent talents among students.

As part of the initiative, Governor Otti directed secondary school principals to regularize inter-house sports activities, while also collaborating with the Ministry of Education to reintroduce Physical and Health Education in schools.

Additionally, plans are underway to establish a Sports Academy in Nsulu, Isialangwa North, aimed at nurturing budding athletes.

Governor Otti expressed ongoing discussions with both local and foreign investors to bolster sports development in the state. He appealed for partnerships from public-spirited individuals and development agencies to support the endeavor.

Anticipating a promising future for sports in Abia State, Governor Otti outlined a comprehensive grassroots sports development program, encompassing infrastructure development, talent training, and exposure to career opportunities.

In his address to participating students, Governor Otti encouraged them to seize the platform to showcase their abilities, while admonishing against biased officiating. He promised attractive rewards for competition winners.

Commending Governor Otti’s unwavering dedication to sports development, Commissioner for Youths and Sports, Mr. Nwaobilor Analaba, highlighted the procurement of substantial sporting equipment under the governor’s leadership.

The State Director of Sports, Mr. Obioma George, hailed the historic significance of the event, marking the first-ever convergence of secondary schools in Umuahia for such games. Over 1,840 students are set to participate in 24 different sporting events during the competition.

Governor Otti’s vision for sports in Abia State reflects a paradigm shift towards professionalism, heralding a new era of opportunity and excellence in the sector.

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