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APC Dismisses Atiku, Obi Merger Talks as “Mutual Desperation”

APC labels Obi and Atiku desperate politicians
Peter Obi and Atiku

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has rejected the potential merger talks between Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar and Labour Party standard-bearer Peter Obi, describing them as “desperate politicians” who cannot be trusted with power.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, APC National Publicity Secretary Felix Morka said the meeting between Atiku and Obi was fueled by a mutual desire to prevent President Bola Tinubu’s re-election in 2027. Morka questioned the trustworthiness of both leaders, citing their history of switching parties and lack of commitment to building strong political institutions.

The statement read: “Atiku and Obi are united by their mutual desperation to be President of Nigeria and their disdain for President Bola Tinubu’s focused commitment to transforming our nation.”

Morka also highlighted the uncertainty surrounding the potential alliance, stating that it was unclear whether Obi would return to the PDP or Atiku would join the Labour Party.

The APC spokesman urged Nigerians to stand firm in their support for the ruling party and President Tinubu’s commitment to delivering a stronger, more secure, and prosperous country.

This development comes after Obi’s recent meeting with Atiku and other PDP chieftains, sparking speculation about a potential coalition ahead of the 2027 elections.

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