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My Opinion On Spraying Of Money At Parties by Dare Taiwo (FCA)

My Opinion On Spraying Of Money At Parties by Dare Taiwo (FCA)

This is my opinion, and my opinion only.

Spraying money at functions has become part of our tradition.
Can you imagine a celebrant dancing in front of a life band without seeing friends and loved ones spraying him/her? Such party will be dull and drab.

For the record, I am against the outright ban and criminalization of what has become one of the cultural exports of Nigeria. Other cultures are imbibing that culture of spraying money. I have seen videos of Caucasians and Middle Easterners spraying money with spray guns at parties.

NOTE: What I am against is the way we spray money indiscriminately with people treading on the currencies on the floor.
There have to be decent ways to do it.

  1. Possibly, keep boxes on the dance floor for people to spray into.
  2. Or make PROP MONEY, available at parties, which revelers can buy for spraying.
    It’s similar to what we have in Casinos where players change money to Chips.
    CBN can help design and print such PROP MONEY, with design on ONE SIDE ONLY, on cheaper papers and less expensive inks, however, with anti-counterfeit markers, like the ones used in Hollywood films, which will have bold inscriptions across the notes, “FOR PARTY PURPOSE ONLY” .
    The PROP MONEY will be made available for purchase at Banks for a token at a commission + VAT.

Party Organisers can set up Desks at their Party venues where those who wish to convert real notes to the Prop Notes can obtain the Prop Notes at a premium.

Left overs can be returned to the Desk for conversion to real money at the end of the Party or whenever the guest is leaving.

There has to be a way to sustain this tradition and keep the sanctity of the Naira at the same time.

Disclaimer: opinion articles are solely the views of the writer and not those of REPORT AFRIQUE.

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