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Native Doctor Impregnates Pastor’s Wife After 10 Years of Barrenness

Native Doctor Impregnates Pastor’s Wife, Barren for 10 years

In a surprising turn of events, a native doctor in Pallisa, Eastern Uganda, has impregnated a pastor’s wife, who had been struggling with infertility for a decade. The incident, which has shocked the local community, was reported by Teso Eye, a local publication.

Angella Atuko, the wife of a well-known pastor in Agule, Pallisa district, sought help from a traditional healer after years of childlessness. She had heard about his reputed success in treating such cases and decided to try his potions. However, instead of receiving traditional treatment, Atuko was lured into an affair with the healer, which resulted in her pregnancy.

The pastor, elated by the news of his wife’s pregnancy, began to attribute this miracle to divine intervention and shared his joy with the community. This infuriated the native doctor, who then confronted the pastor and disclosed the truth about the affair and his role in Atuko’s pregnancy.

When questioned, Atuko confessed that the witch doctor was indeed the father of her unborn child. This revelation led the pastor to expel his wife from their home. The community was left in disbelief, given the stark religious differences between the pastor and the witch doctor.

The incident has earned the witch doctor the nickname “Sharpshooter” among young men in the district, highlighting the unusual nature of the case.

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